Hear directly from some my clients. It’s been a pleasure to serve each person with their unique experiences.

IMG_2304“Marti and Louis graciously walked us through the Prepare Enrich program. It was a great experience! Our goal was to have a pre-marital counseling experience that would put us in the best position to have a God-glorifying marriage. The process they walked us through and the way they were transparent helped us discover more about ourselves and each other. We are grateful to have them in our lives then and now. They’ve also been a great help to us post-marriage. Together they reflect love in action.”

Lori and Marques Ruffin

Mr. and Mrs. Ruffin

Wedding Pics (340)
“My husband and I had both known Louis (and his wife) for years individually. When we started dating, we joined their Missional Community Church. Louis became our pastor and walked us through the engagement. We did our pre-marriage counseling with him & his wife, and he performed our wedding ceremony. Like every girl ever, I had a vision for what I wanted my wedding day to look like. Especially the ceremony itself….I wanted it to be a worship experience, a witness to the many non-believers, about the ‘marriage’ and not just the wedding; and have a bit of a high-church feel (from my Catholic upbringing). He was able to take my vision, my dream for my wedding ceremony… and make it our reality. It was everything I wanted it to be and then some. He honored every request we made for the ceremony. His wife even skyped my grandparents and a close friend in – so that they could watch the wedding; as they were unable to make the trip.
But besides the act of the ceremony itself, he ministered to both my husband and myself every step of the way. He helped us work through trials during our engagement, and even blessed us by being there for us when we hit our first challenge as a couple. We are grateful to both of them for their ministry to Richmond, to their neighbors and community, and to us. ” ¬†~ Christy and Steve Shingleton

It was everything I wanted it to be and then some.

Zoe's Dedication

We have known Louis and his beautiful wife for 10 plus years now. They have been great spiritual leaders and a true light in the community. Louis did the Dedication for our sweet baby, Zoe; and it was perfect! He spent quality time with us discussing how we wanted the event to happen and educated us on the difference between a baptism and dedication which helped us decide what to do first.

~ Jayson and Noelle Eastwood

Zoe’s Dedication